Product Capabilities

The investment team at UTI International is supported by the research capabilities of its parent entity, UTI AMC, in Mumbai along with robust operational and support teams. Our investment philosophy is focused on positive long-term outcomes for our investors. We endeavor to deliver investment outperformance against benchmarks and competitors.

Indian Equity

Fund Offerings (UCITS)

  • UTI India Dynamic Equity Fund

Quality-Growth Strategy generating alpha through exposure to high-quality businesses that are expected to compound over the long-term

  • UTI India Innovation Fund

Thematic Fund generating alpha through exposure to innovative companies with disruptive business models

Indian Fixed Income

Fund Offerings (UCITS)

  • UTI India Fixed Income Fund

Actively managed fund generating alpha through duration, carry and credit spread strategies with Indian bonds

  • UTI India Sovereign Bond ETF

Passive ETF providing access to the seven most -liquid Indian Government Bonds


Fund Offerings (UCITS)

  • UTI India Balanced Fund

Hybrid Fund that provides dynamic exposure to Indian Equities and Debt

Debt-Equity allocation is rebalanced quarterly as per market conditions


Indian Private Debt

UTI Alternatives – UTI’s private capital arm manages Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs) across multiple strategies

UTI Alternatives offers co-investment opportunities alongside these AIFs

Open to partnerships for designing and launching schemes as per client requirements

Fixed Maturity Products

Tailored products investing in USD-denominated deposit receipts issued by banks

Simple structures to take advantage of interest rate arbitrage while using a tax efficient domicile

These deposit products deliver a predictable return over a fixed short tenure