Our philosophy

Our investment philosophy

Our investment philosophy

We have defined our mission to be the leading manager of Indian assets within the boundaries of our investment philosophy. We understand that every client is constrained by their own unique investment framework, investment objectives and world-view. We accept that our approach may not appeal to all clients but we do believe that our insights into the Indian markets add tremendous value to every conversation.


  1. Research Capabilities

    We are a fundamental, research-driven  investment manager. Our research capabilities cover ~94% of the market capitalization of Indian equity markets. Bulk of our research is conducted in-house and proprietary valuation models are built for each stock.

  2. Classic Quality-Growth Investment Style

    Our focus is to build long-term portfolios of compounding businesses. Compounders exhibit characteristics such as strong franchise durability, high cash flow generation, low capital intensity and minimal financial leverage and have generated superior risk-adjusted returns across the economic cycle.

  3. Process-led investment approach

    Our approach to Investments is grounded in a Robust & Disciplined process. We believe that if the process is consistently followed, the outcomes will be more predictable.

  4. Rigorous Fundamental Analysis

    We commit a considerable amount of time on research prior to making any investment. Our investment team participates in ~1500 company interactions per year, ensuring every aspect of our investment thesis is thoroughly challenged and critiqued.


  5. Competence-driven environment

    Our strength is our culture – it is a fine balance between disciplined process and healthy questioning of status quo. Intelligent challenging of this status-quo is encouraged and talented individuals are nurtured carefully as future leaders.

  6. India-specialist Manager

    Our exclusive focus is India. We dedicate all our resources to analyzing and interpreting this single market. This specialization distinguishes us from global managers who might not fully grasp the intricacies and local nuances of the Indian landscape