Inside India Podcast: Episode 8

09 August, 2023

A different take on the India Growth story with Ben Merton, tech entrepreneur and CEO of Unifize


SaaS or Software as a Service has become a buzzword in recent years and India has seen exponential growth in SaaS investments in the last decade. And is now regarded as one of the global SaaS powerhouses. The question is what makes India such a successful global SaaS hub? The success of local SaaS companies that have made their market globally, years of experience in IT as well as BPO services as well as world class engineers are multiple factors that have played a role in this.

In today’s episode of Inside India, Ben Hayward is joined by serial entrepreneur Ben Merton, Co-Founder and CEO of Unifize. After spending more than 15 years in various operational and customer-facing roles at manufacturing companies across the world, Ben discovered that existing software in the industrial sector was dated and out of touch. So he teamed up with two of his old friends to establish Unifize, a collaboration software that helps manufacturing companies drive efficiencies in their and countless companies like Airbus, John Deere, and Target are his biggest customers. Ben’s unique take on the India story as a country to manufacture products and export it to the developed world rather than tackling the vast consuming middle classes of India makes his views slightly different from most of our guests but nonetheless just as interesting.


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